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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cover Reveal And Author Spotlight: Unexpecting by Cynthia St. Aubin, out December 19th.

In honor of the beautiful cover reveal for the final chapter of The Case Files of Dr. Mathilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist: Unexpecting, I've featured Cynthia St. Aubin as my first author spotlight post.  (The orange links in the post are direct to the referenced material but, the blue are advertisements not placed by me.)

Unexpecting by Cynthia St. Aubin:
coming December 19th!

Cynthia St. Aubin has had one hell of a year as a debut author.

In less than twelve short months, she's completed seven novellas in The Case Files of Dr. Mathilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist.  The first three of the series are available in a paperback collection called Dysfunctional.  Each of the six chapters are also available separately, in a rainbow of paperbacks with fresh, original covers.  The last of which is due (pun intended) on December 19th.

In October, she and three other writers released a tightly written collaboration called Which Witch is Which?  "Anthology" is not a term that applies to this book. Hours upon hours must have been spent with her fellow writers to create such a seamless flow from one author's portion of the book to the next.

Cynthia St. Aubin
Since February, St. Aubin has garnered a very loyal following on Facebook. Her author page is rolling up to the 3000 likes mark.  And her street team, Cyn's Minions is an impressive ten percent of those "likers", at almost 300 members.

Three must be her lucky number. Recently, a popular blog held a reader's choice competition.  Cynthia St. Aubin's books outran one author by 300% of the votes, and came in second only to J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood® series. Even that defeat was a win...she had fully half the amount of votes that Ward did. Toe to toe with the accepted (and beloved) Queen of the Paranormal Romance Kingdom, and St. Aubin came away with more than a respectable number of votes.

Cynthia is a very reader-friendly author. Her on-line accessibility is welcoming -  exuding warmth and graciousness to her Minions and fans.  Her gratitude for their purchases and participation in events is sincere, and sparkles with true delight at readers' responses.

Cynthia has a sharp, and smart sense of humor that is couched in silliness.  She often posts about things occurring around the books, and sometimes, about her life. The overlying humor makes just about anyone giggle with the picture she paints.  Once you've stopped laughing, take a deeper look at what's written.  The verbiage, analogies, and structure of her posts reveal comedy genius at work.

At such a pace, her books should have had some lag. However, neither the writing quality, nor the plot lines suffer from any inconsistencies.  St. Aubin is deft with character arcs, mood changes, and the ability to give just enough information away to raise more questions.  All of this would be enough to solidify her name as a "must-read" in the genre, but St. Aubin gilds the lily with vivid analogies, and highlighter worthy prose.

Unexpecting is the last chapter of this wild ride.  Already, Cynthia St. Aubin's fans are lamenting the loss of Dr. Mathilda Schmidt and her adventures.  On social media sites, St. Aubin has hinted at a new writing project for 2015.

If you haven't read her books, truly, you're missing out on a ground-floor opportunity to witness the growth of an author that has enough talent and savvy to take her career to best-seller status.  

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