Authors! Want a review?

Authors! Want a review?
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

**FIRST POST** Why? Because I can!

Photo Courtesy of Patti Reimer

I  have a reputation.  I'm a little easy. When an author wants to give it to me, I'm almost always willing to take it. Because they know.  


That doesn't mean all my reviews are 5-stars.
It means I treat every book, regardless of length, girth, (*snerk*)  style or genre the same.  

To that end, I've decided to collect my reviews and keep them in one place.  (Hint: this blog) I'll still post future reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, etc to the nth degree...because that's what's good for the writers. Happy writers means more books. More books means more time I can waste vicariously living the lives of characters I obsess over anyway. Having a blog just makes it appear more...productive.

In between reviews, I'll add other thought nuggets and news about authors.

Most of the reviews will focus on the genres of romance, eg. Para-Rom, Erotica, Contemporary, Historical, and all the niches in between.  I generally do not read YA (I live with a teenager. I don't need to read any more angst, thanks!) unless the author really wows me with the description and I can get past the first chapter. I do read just about anything, and you'll occasionally see reviews for other stuff pop up. I promise to do my best to label the genres clearly.

My reviews usually follow a form:
1) My own synopsis (without spoilers - because I'm wicked, but not mean)
2) A short quote
3) The review
4) Whether or not I recommend it, or to whom I'd recommend it.

If I'm presented with an ARC, I state clearly in the review that the book was given freely for an honest review.
Gentle and fair criticism, and honest praise is what you'll get.

NOTE: You are always welcome to quote my reviews as long as the verbiage is not taken out of context.  If you really really love me for the goddess I am, you'll include my name. (I'm an author, too! <3)

If you'd like to request a review, please use the contact form on the top right of the page.


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