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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Review: Caught By A Cowboy by Felice Fox

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Lita and Luke are on the hunt. In an anonymous bar they seek a man worthy of Lita. But if they find what they are looking for, will it tear them apart?
He gave her a crooked smile, and bumped her shoulder with his. “I told you before, but I'll tell you again. Being with someone else is about loving me.”

Caught By A Cowboy is a short story in the Cameron Ranch Series by Felice Fox. It's a quick read at around 10K words, but what it lacks in size is compensated for with a lot of heat and a beautifully sculpted mood.

Due to the length, the characters can only be fleshed out so much. Fox does this very well. The reader gets a feel for Lita's sense of adventure and her devotion to Luke very quickly. Luke's quiet but passionate love for Lita, and his easy nature come across with consistency. “Billy” is not quite as dimensional, but in this instance, it works. As a third party, he's there to build the tension between Lita and Luke, not gain the spotlight.

The plot is quick, even as the mood changes. The couple's trepidation and excitement are believable. The reader easily relates to the dilemma of the menage a trois. The situation is a double-edged sword for Luke and Lita. Fox is excellent at creating an understanding of what this couple will need in order to make the relationship work, and mixing in the tension of the fear of what following through might do to undermine their love.

The sex scenes don't stray into anything too kinky, but that doesn't matter because they are strongly written and definitely a turn-on. The word choices fit the mood and situation without getting awkwardly euphemistic or unnecessarily over-the-top vulgar. Instead, they mix together the emotions of the moment with the lust. The sex isn't just gratuitous porn in shiny wrapping; it's vital to the characters' development. This is something that is often missed by erotica authors, and I'm happy to say Fox did a solid job with it.

As a first time reader of Felice Fox, I am impressed. This is an author that knows the difference between smut and erotica. I definitely plan to add more of her works to my reading list.

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